Molong Central School

Providing Opportunities for Personal Achievement

Telephone02 6366 8224

Our staff

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

Principal - Mrs Michelle Barrett

Deputy Principal Secondary - Mr Scott Taprell

Deputy Principal Primary - Mrs Audrey Brown



Michelle Barrett

Deputy Principal Secondary Department

Scott Taprell

Deputy Principal Primary Department

Audrey Brown

Primary Department

Erin Tamati - Kindergarten Orange

Donna Thornhill - K/1 Lavender

Kate Sullivan - Yr 1/2 Blue (M, Tu)

Nicola Harbison - Yr 1/2 Blue (W, Th, F)

Bryce Ostini (M, Tu, W, Th) - Yr 1/2 Pink

Ana Thorne (F) - Yr 1/2 Pink 

Eryn Midson - Yr 2/3 Green

Rhiannon Cato - Yr 3/4 White

Dianne Monk - Yr 3/4 Aqua

Kath Schafer (M) - Yr 4 Lime 

Liz Simpson  (Tu - F) - Yr 4 Lime

Emma Rutherford - Yr 5 Silver

Rianna Le - Yr 5 Red

Lydia Ebert - Yr 5/6 Jade

Kath Schaefer - Teacher Mentor & Wellbeing (AP)

ISLP - Amanda Collins

RFF - Melissa Quinn (M, W, Th, F) & Averil Keen (M, T)


Karen Honeyman (Primary) (M, Tu, W, Th)

Nicole Griffith (Secondary) - Year 9 YA



Heather Ruys - Head Teacher

Anthony Carver

Sophie Healey (IT)

Amber Vardanega (M, Tu, W, F)

Meredith Healey (Tu, F)

Mathematics/ TAS/ VET

Kevin Costa - Head Teacher

Virginia Dale

Georgie Stamatopoulos (IT)

Russell Culverson

Matthew Sugden

Mitchell Akers (IT)

Merryn Lynch (M, Tu, W(a), Th)

HSIE/ PDHPE/ Careers

Tony Keen - Head Teacher

Rebecca Vis 

Alicia Chisholm (M, Tu, Th, F)

Bec Corby 

Carl Thorne

Mark Paterson

Science/ Art/ Music/ Lote

Terry Bruton- Head Teacher

Sally Pokoney - (M, Tu, Th, F)

Sophie Tonkin

Cate Loud (Tu, W, Th)

Claire Ryan

Laura Logan


Fiona Ball – Acting Business Manager                            

Amy Gavin – (M, Tu, Th, F) Relieving SAM     

Jenny Barrow (M, Tu, W, F)                                              

Karen Hobbs (Tu – F)                                                         

Wendy McMillan (M – F) - Relieving SAM on Wed       

Sharon Regan (M – F)                        

Amanda Fowler (Tu – F)

Nicky Penson (M, W)

Mellissa Livermore (Th, F)                                                 

Coll Clayton (M) (Library)

School Learning Support Officers

Mary-Ellen Betts 

Barbara Chown (M, Th, F)

Kim Cunial (M, Tu, W)

Debbie Dwyer 

Adelaide Harris (M, Tu, W)

Lenny Punch (M – Th)

Wellbeing Staff

Gay Somerville - Student Support Officer

Katrina Lane - Aboriginal Education Officer (M - Th)

Natacha Shaw - School Counsellor

Rebecca Bouffler - School Counsellor 

Emma Taprell - Admin/SLSO (M, Tu, W)

General Assistant /Farm Assistant

Doug Watson - Farm Assistant. (Mornings -Tu, W, Th, F, Sat)

Rolf Lapins -  General Assistant. (Full days - Tu, Th,F)  


Donna Taprell – Canteen Supervisor (W, Th, F)

Kristy Armstrong – Canteen Assistant (M, Tu)

2021 Year Advisors

Year 7 – Laura Logan                 BOYS – Mark Paterson

Year 8 – Sophie Healey              GIRLS – Nicole Griffith

Year 9 – Nicole Griffith

Year 10 – Claire Ryan

Year 11 – Bec Corby

Year 12 – Virginia Dale