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Stage 4 History


Year 7-

 Our students start their study of History by looking at why History is important and how it links to the world today. We start by looking at the work of Archaeologists and how they find evidence to be able to paint a picture of what has happened in the past. As part of this students complete their first assignment, exploring a ‘History Mystery’ such as Otzi the Iceman, to look at what type of evidence is collected as part of this type of discovery and how it can inform our understanding of the past.

 We also examine some civilisations of the past including Aboriginal Australia, looking at where sites such as Lake Mungo can give us insights into the lives of generations past. Students then move onto a deep dive into Ancient Rome, learning about the highs and lows of the powerful Empire and the dramas and scandals of the Emperors who ruled. We cover a vast realm within Roman culture, examining architecture, food, religion, fashion and warfare and examining what ancient Roman did for fun. After completing this we examine a unit on Ancient China, learning about famous landmarks such as the Great Wall of China and Terracotta Warriors.

Year 8-

At the start of the Year 8 course, we quickly go back to the fall of Rome and look at how barbarian tribes took hold of much of Europe. This then brings us to the era of the Vikings, we learn how their ship building technology allowed them to explore and take control over parts of Europe and have a huge influence on the nature of life in places such as England and France during the Medieval period.

After this, students do a deep case study into the development of Japanese culture, examining their belief systems, social structure, and journey to become a modern economic powerhouse. Along the way we get the chance to get an insight into the cultural influence of the Shogun rule, learning the practices of Samurai and even getting the chance to taste test the odd bit of sushi if you are keen! To finish off the course we do a brief site study looking at Tenochtitlan, home of the Aztec people (now part of modern Mexico). Students love learning about the strange rituals involved in their belief systems, as well as learning how these people have gone onto influence many aspects of Mexico today. 

Jack Ryan models a Viking helmet 


Stage 5 History


Year 9- 

The Year 9 History course starts by learning about the huge changes that occurred during the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions. We see how this causes the massive development of technology as well as practices such as slavery and colonisation. This moves into the British settlement of Australia, examining the impact of convict transportation, gold rushes and the journey towards Federation. We then move into Australia’s involvement in World War 1 and 2, looking at how this changed the face of our nation and cemented our independence, especially through experiences such as the bombing of Darwin and warfare on the Kokoda track.

Year 10-

In Year 10 we delve deeper into the issues that have influenced social changes in the recent era, including the Civil Rights and Aboriginal Land Rights movements. Students get the chance to explore one of these in depth in the assessment, while exploring a leader that has been inspirational in making change occur for our minority groups.  The topic, Popular culture, allows students to see the evolution of culture (including fashion, food, music and movies) over the past few decades, with students loving the chance to learn more about their parents and grandparents generations. . Lastly we do a case study on Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War, looking closely at the causes of the conflict and the ongoing impact on those involved. 

Yr 9 get the chance to look at the reality of life in WW1 with our annual interactive incursion

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