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Visual Arts

Within the 7-10 Visual Arts Scope of learning students will create pieces Art and explore the following Strands:


Practice describes the artistic activity, work or agency of artists to produce artworks. Practice is about what artists know and do, how they know it, where they do it, with whom and for whom they do it and why they do it. Practice requires a knowledge of the shared domain of visual arts and design and the various rules or agreements (written and unwritten) concerning the social structures and institutions, forms of communication, membership, status, behaviour, artworks, artefacts and texts of the artworld.

The Conceptual Framework

The Conceptual Framework comprises four agencies or functions: artist, artwork, world and audience. These are robust and elastic concepts which, in sum, can be taken as setting the boundaries to a working or functional concept of art. To speak or write about the visual arts is to engage with the artist, artworks, world and audience where each of these agencies has a function or duty to perform in relation to the other.


The traditional function of the artist is to make artworks, be they images or objects. Although artists, architects and designers may have enlisted others to produce their work, the name or signature of the individual who conceives that work is typically identified as fulfilling the artist function.

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